A Band, a Song, a Hot Sauce… Makenka

Makenka¬†started when three friends, Chuas, Leonel Smith and Edmund Archibold were booked in a resort called Nitro City to play during the summer… The response from the audience was immediately, people dancing, partying and dancing… this made the manager from the resort to asked them to play for 10 consecutive shows… this ended up being 20 shows in total.¬† Their lyrics, the rhythms, and how they blend them made them get a spot in the multicultural and diverse Panama City.

In 2015 Makenka released their first studio album, “Made in China”. A total of 11 songs and 6 video clips were produced for this project. The album includes a tribute version of the song “El Solitario” from the Panamanian composer Dorindo Cardenas. The album contains cumbia, reggae, reggae dance hall, electronic samples and sounds… The first single “Si Hay Amor…” was released with the video and made the band received hundreds of followers from Panama, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, North and Central America.

The Hot Sauce Band… in 2016 Makenka participated in the contest “Hard Rock Rising” organized by Hard Rock Cafe. During the contest a business idea came to the table… since Makenka makes spicy lyrics, using a tropical blend with rock & roll, what better way to promote the band with its own brand of Hot Sauces. The Makenka Hot Sauce was born and presented to the public during the contest. The audience went crazy… Everyone wanted their hot sauce, to the point of fighting for it…

During 2017 Makenka decided to move to San Antonio, Texas to produce the Makenka Hot Sauces. From the website www.makenka.com anyone can purchase their hot sauces.

Right now, Makenka is cooking its new studio album as well as new Hot Sauce recipes.